Monday, October 26, 2009

That Big Brown Thing: Devil's Tower

In all the times Josh's mom has visited us, we had never taken her out to see classic South Dakota things like the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore. This time, we took advantage of Josh's long weekend and Grandma Kate's visit to drive out to the Black Hills and see my aunt, uncle, and cousins. On Friday, we all piled into two cars and headed out to Devil's Tower! (It's just over the border into Wyoming.) I love the site of the grooved mountain looming mysteriously on the horizon. As we drove closer and closer, Misha asked, "Where is the tower, Daddy? Where's the tower? Is it behind that big brown thing?" We realized that Misha had been picturing an actual "tower" the whole time!

In top photo: Joshua, Susan, Isaac, Grandma Kate, Josh, Misha, Tammy

Misha and his favorite monkey Koko.

Here is Misha with my cousins Joshua, Isaac, and Rebecca, plus my aunt Susan.

Misha's favorite part of Devil's Tower was climbing the rock piles around the base with Rebecca. (For hours!) He loved it. They were being explorers and spies.

Daddy and Sebby in front of Devil's Tower:

Josh, Sebastian, and me:

As always, we got to enjoy the beauty of the Black Hills and the generosity and hospitality of Sue and Ed's family. Misha loved the trampoline, ...

the tree houses, ...

and the horses.

This trip was Kate's first time in western SD.

Daddy and Sebastian enjoy the sun and the fresh air!
Susan getting to know Sebastian:

Misha thought Rebecca's jungle room was the coolest place to play:

He even decided to sleep on her top bunk!

Rebecca and Sebastian:

On Saturday morning, we stopped at Golden Living to see my grandpa Gene. Here he is meeting his new great grandson.

Misha liked sitting with Great Grandpa - they almost fell asleep on each other! :)

My grandpa with two of his many great grandchildren.

Before we left the Hills, of course we had to stop to take in Mount Rushmore.

Misha checks out Roosevelt's mustache through his binoculars.

Here are a few random shots of the kids at home. Misha in his new pj's ...

Daddy and the boys

Daddy and his little boy:

Misha loves having Grandma Kate around. He happily shares his room with her and loves to talk to her so much that he has been waking her up twice a night just to chat! We may have to work on those sleeping arrangements ...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fabulous Fall Fun

Sunday was one of those fabulous fall days that you just have to take advantage of - even if the leaves do have slugs on them. Misha had a great outdoor day at Grandma and Grandpa's. We made big leaf piles, had leaf wars, and played hide and seek. Sebastian even got in a bit of the fun.

He even carved an early pumpkin with Grandma.

"Just Me and My Dad."

Brothers on the couch.

Two smiley boys!

Sebastian has started sucking on his own lips. Misha did the same thing when he was a baby.

A few days ago, Misha put on a pair of jeans WILLINGLY for the first time in his whole life. Normally, he hates the feel of jeans. In fact, he hates the feel of so many of his clothes that he often changes four or five times every morning before he settles on an acceptable-feeling outfit. So when he came upstairs not only wearing his jeans but prancing around in them saying how handsome he looked, it definitely warranted a photo.

This is how many days are left until Grandma Kate comes! That's right - she's coming today!

Misha has mastered the art of making Sebastian laugh. See it for yourself:

Friday, October 16, 2009

Elephants, Preschool, and Toe-Touches

Misha has decided to be an elephant this Halloween, so I undertook the project of making his costume myself. It wasn't hard to sew some ears to a gray sweatshirt, a tail to his gray pants, and make a stuffed trunk. He makes a very cute elephant! Lately, we have read nearly every kids book in the library on elephants. (Fast Facts: Baby elephants suck their trunks. Elephants cry tears. Mama elephants scold and spank naughty babies with their trunks. They make sounds to communicate so low that humans can't hear them. They use mud as sunscreen and insect repellent.)

Side view ...

Misha trumpeting!

This week, Misha's preschool class took a trip to the fire station. Misha told me all about Mr. Pete the Fire Fighter, his special gear, and the cool firetruck. He also learned, of course, stop, droll, and roll.

Misha also got his book orders this week. :)

I visited his preschool last week, and Misha couldn't have been more proud to give me the tour. I got to see the calendar, the job helper chart, the book nook, all the toys and games, the art easel, and even the bathroom. :)

Misha points out today's date - the day of the field trip to the pumpkin patch! (Note his appropriate choice of clothes.)

Relaxing in the book corner.

Playing with corn.

Showing how the magnets work.

Teaching me all about weather. He was the weather helper that day!

Then we drove out to the pumpkin patch where each child got a pumpkin to keep.

Sebastian has been doing new things as well. He tries hard to scootch forward when he's on him tummy, he swipes and grabs things with far more coordination, and he has discovered that his feet make great toys.

Here is Sebastian playing and talking during his tummy time:

This is his preferred way to slurp on his hands - two fingers in each side of his mouth!

'You mean this big brother character will be around my whole life?!'

Cute and cozy in his hoodie.

Happy in the sun!

Grab those feet!

This is Misha doing the same thing at about the same age:

Sebastian content with his toys.

Park time.

Supper time with the boys.