Monday, September 5, 2011

6 Kulas in Houston

Next, Sebastian and I met up with Josh and Misha again in Houston, to see Bud and Ashley. The boys always love seeing their Uncle Bud and Aunt Ashley, who has officially been an aunt since the February wedding. We haven't seen them since we all met up in Egypt last summer. They were happy to have us in Houston and treated us like honored guests, spoiling us with good food both at home and in restaurants, exciting trips out in Houston, and the best bed in the house!

Ashley is an amazing cook.

The older set of Kula brothers.
Josh had such a good time hanging out with his little brother that he may even agree with me that there is a plus side to having two children. Brothers can make good friends ...

 The boys also got to meet their Beagle, Sherlock. Sherlock was a bit confused when Sebby was the one chasing HIM around and even more baffled when the boys took over his crate home.
 One evening, we dropped the boys off with Ashley's parents so that the Kula couples could enjoy a fancy dinner with cheese fondue, meat platters to fry, and brownies and strawberries to dip in chocolate. We definitely indulged.

 We also got an insider's look at Bud's line of work, which is more interesting than most, as he is the star actor in a mystery dinner theater. Here he is dressed up before the show as Dr. Do-Bad. Ashley makes everything run smoothy behind the scenes as she does the sound system.

Bud and Ashley insisted on taking us to Moody Gardens, which features fabulous aquariums as well as an indoor recreated rainforest.
Misha admires the sea dragons.
Misha with the penguins.

A butterfly for Sebby!

On another outing, we hit the Space Center, and even took the tour to see the real Mission Control center.

Of course, we spent time relaxing around their apartment, too. We took advantage of the swimming pools, but not the lake. Check out the warning.

Bud was determined to fit into his new thobe from Josh.
Thanks for the great time in Houston, Bud and Ashley!

The Boston Trip

Remember how I said Josh and Misha flew to Boston for two weeks? Here is a photo collage of what they were up to. They went to see Josh's good friend Chris, who studies in Boston. Chris and his wife Gulya have a son the same age as Misha.

Misha and Nikita hadn't seen each other since they were 2 1/2, and though they have quite different backgrounds, kids can always find something in common!

Amazing architecture
Green walking paths everywhere

Beautiful river views

Chris on the river

A special treat for the boys - a ride in a crane!

Geese ...

and a heron

Fun at the science museum

Misha, the river, and the skyline

Touring on the river

Coming through!

Chris and the boys in the museum