Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kite-flying and Gardening

Misha's in the middle, running with his orange kite out behind.

Yesterday, we planned on going to the science museum, and when we arrived, it just so happened to be the day of the Kite Festival! We spent most of the day there, picnicking, watching the kites, admiring the remote-control sailboats, and eventually buying our own orange kite to try. It turned out to be easy to fly and very satisfying for the boys. It was a beautiful day with plenty of sun - in fact, we got sunburned.

Sebby flew an abandoned kite that we found.

Little sailboats.

As always, the boys love the water.

Beautiful flowers outside the museum.

We did finally make it to the museum for an hour, to admire the Aztec and Maya artifacts.
 We spent last weekend and this weekend creating a little garden in the backyard. We started with these "bean huts;" the idea is that the bean plants will curl around the bamboo sticks as they grow, creating huts with natural leafy cover.

Sebby found a centipede friend.
I couldn't help but take a shot of everyone pulling on the root just like the Russian "repka" story.

Then we cleared a little section to plant our watermelons, pumpkins, and sunflowers, and perhaps we'll add a few more things, too. It was quite a process getting all the roots out, especially those pernicious bamboo runners. 

I also chopped down some of Bud's wild growing bamboo to make a teepee for the boys. It was going well until the wind blew it over!

This cardinal came and sang his heart out for us while we worked today. A beautiful day!

Where strawberries grow in February

I had thought that strawberries only grew in the summer, but apparently in Texas, they are ripe and ready to pick by the end of February! Amazing! We drove out to Froberg's Farm on March 1st and collected four big buckets. Though this strawberry farm had more of a factory feel than I would have preferred, it was still fun. Lately, we have been enjoying our frozen strawberries in delicious smoothies.

Themed shirts: note that Misha's shirt says "Second grade makes me happy, happy, happy," and Sebby's says "Feliz Navidad."

Time for cheesecake, French toast, pancakes, shortcake, and smooties!

Strawberries are delicious on this puffy pancake, a great recipe I got from Tanya.

Shortcake. Delectable.
Though the "winter" did have many rainy, cool days and we wore a lot of long sleeved shirts, spring is already bursting out all over. Some recent pics:

He made his name in beads.

Library treasures.

Huge origami!

Floor acrobatics?

Passing clubs

Two in one hand

Taking it up a notch

Adding the rola bola

Go Sebby!

We've all gotten pretty good at it!

Smiling in the car

The world's largest snail - a carnivore, in fact!

Pelicans in the park - so cute.

We had three birthdays in short succession - Josh's, mine, and Bud's.

Happy birthday, Josh!

Misha made this sign for Daddy.

For my birthday, Misha made this great rocket that shoots up to the ceiling when you pull on the string.

Out for sushi with Bud and Ashley, then onto the dance floor for some two-step laughs!

Birthday breakfast for Bud, on March 1st.

We got him a chicken puppet!

Buddies in blue.

Sebby and Josh

Misha made his own version of a 3D printer after becoming quite taken with the idea of one.

Last weekend, we took a trip to Challenger Park, which has a beautiful wooden boardwalk from which to view the park.

The joy of homemade granola

Lost another tooth!

Sebby made this picture of a fairy flying through the rain.

Blow-up punch-bag entertainment...

A bunny! Wait, two?

Sebby dug his suit out of his dresser and proudly wore it to school.

This puppy lived with us for a week until she found a home. So sweet!

Kid and pup.

Puppy love.

We visited a tiger exhibit at the Aquarium restaurant a while back. The kids loved it.

Daddy's little helper.

Morning cuddles.

Bedtime cuddles.

He put his backpack on, and then went to sleep.