Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family Picnic

Our family portrait (For your own family portrait, contact Photography By Diane)

On sunny Sunday afternoon, we took a walk on the bike trail (with Misha on his bike and Sebastian in the stroller) and had a little picnic by the pond. We even caught a frog, after many attempts.

Little Sleeper:

He does cry, though. Here is some proof:

Playing with Big Brother...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

El Mas Guapo

"Dang, I look good in blue!"

Showing off his new onesie from Aunt Tanya.

Misha has suddenly started washing his feet in our bathroom sink several times a day. I love this picture because of the symmetrical shadow of Misha's profile on the wall.

A sweet smile!

Misha was carrying his bunny around a few days ago when suddenly he stopped and said, "Mommy! This bunny is bigger than baby brother!"

Sporting his sea horse onesie, created by Tanya. Oh sis, by the way, could I possibly request another onesie with the crab from The Little Mermaid on it?

Sebastian's profile looks like Misha's and my own baby pictures.

Looking very self confident, and a bit like a cute little penguin. :)

We took both boys to the park. Sebastian mostly slept, while Misha dug in the sand, raced with Daddy, played on the equipment, and played hide-and-seek with us.

Misha's sand volcano. (He pronounces it "bicano.")

He was so proud of himself for working up the courage to jump from this platform. Then he did it over and over.

Daddy demonstrating the real way to slide. He proceeded to give himself the plastic version of a rug burn.

Up the slide.

At nap time, Misha asked me if he could sleep on my bed with Sebastian. How much sleep do you think he got?

Mommy and Sebby - Misha took this photo himself.

A hug for Sebastian.

What a good big brother!

Grandpa is teaching Misha how to play marbles, not to mention words like "steelie" and "woody." Misha also likes to play chess with Grandpa, though Misha's moves are mostly Grandpa's suggestions.

Tummy time with Daddy.

We still can't get over the fact that we are the parents of TWO!

Misha just learned how to blow up a balloon by himself. Wait, read that again. It's a big deal. You have no idea how exciting that is unless you are four and you have just blown up a balloon for the first time and you no longer have to ask someone to do it for you! He had to show me several times, and Daddy, and of course Sebastian, who watched with interest. I asked him how he did it, and he said, "Well, I was trying hard and trying hard every day!"

Guess who made these adorable T-shirts! Yes, the one and only Tanya. :) Thanks!

Just in case you haven't gotten enough photos, here are some extras that I have turned into a slide show:

And this is a video of Sebastian doing his neck exercises - he's getting really strong!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Movie Star Hair

Last week was Tanya's final week with us. Now she is back in New York! We miss her, and Misha is already talking about when she'll come back.

Daddy and the boys.

Mommy and the boys.

Mommy and the boys again.

Tanya trying out the baby sling she got me. Sebastian looks very cozy and content.

Misha and Tanya found a little time for Marbleworks!

The sisters and Sebastian.


Picnic grill-outs at Grandma and Grandpa's are always fun!

Tanya and Seb at the picnic.

Sebastian showing off his movie-star hair again.

A trip to beautiful McCrory Gardens!
So romantic. :)


Photo opp by the rocks.

Getting a big belly!

We visited the Ag Heritage Museum on campus and Misha got to pump water.

Last Saturday, we attended my cousin Jenny's wedding. Here: Jenny and Blake with my grandma.

Tanya and Sebastian at the wedding.

Misha and Mommy at the wedding.

Misha, his grandma Diane and his great-grandma Mary.

Blowing bubbles with Great Grandma!

Handsome guys: Misha, Grandpa, and Daddy.

Mary with her latest great-grandchild.

Josh and Misha looking classy.

Goodbye, Tanya ... Misha attempted to fit himself into her suitcase.