Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Outside our Door

The excitement of turtle watching

Over Christmas break, we took the kids and Bud and Ashley on an excursion to the bayou near us. This time, we admired the January "fall" colors, as opposed to the leafy green surroundings of our previous visit. The kids loved dashing down the trails, spotting turtles, playing among the vines and roots, and collecting leaves and fungi to put under the microscope.

Sebby strolls in the leaves.


More outdoor time, just around the house and at the park:

Misha teaching Emily, a classmate who lives nearby, how to get on the unicycle.

We used our spare spare tire to make a swing in the backyard.

The fun climbing tree

Another favorite tree at the park.

Collecting snails by the water

... and watching them crawl around.

We often find leaf-foot bugs in our balcony, and bring them in to play.

A great day for juggling! Misha is doing great with three balls!

Sebby took off immediately when we removed his training wheels. He is so pleased with himself!

Before Christmas, Misha had to complete an "ancestor doll" project. This figure represents Arthur Marsh, Misha's great x 9 grandfather, who traveled to America from England in 1666.

Grandpa sent Misha all kinds of information and photos going back seven generations. Before that, the camera wasn't invented...

I made this BINGO word game for Sebby. He's getting good at recognizing and reading three-letter words.

Bud attempts to eat breakfast with his nephews.

An exhausting trip to the grocery store.

One of those nights.

Big brother reading to little brother.