Thursday, December 31, 2009

May your Days be Merry and Bright

Having Christmas with two children is wonderful. Even though Sebastian is too young to understand, Misha knew that Christmas was special for both of them.

On Christmas morning, Misha ran upstairs. After some initial puzzlement (ok, I admit it - that's a major understatement) about why Santa left some presents open and set up instead of wrapped, he got excited about seeing what they were. When he noticed his alligator mini-golf game, one of the first things he said was that there were two golf clubs so that "When Sebastian grows up, he can play too!" When Sebastian finally woke up, Misha brought his stocking to him and helped him pull out his new teether and cute little SDSU outfit.

Trying out some golf!

Sebastian was curious too.

And even Dad took a swing at it.

Misha, naturally, makes the whole season feel "just right" with his untethered excitement. Grandma Kate, Bud, Josh, and I all loved watching Misha's reactions to opening his presents - even the smallest of presents received exclamations.

Two stockings this year!

As Misha pulled little chocolate Santa out of his stocking, he raved, "He brought me THIS!" followed by a little pack of playing cards: "CARDS!" He was even more excited about his Rudolph stickers, probably put there by Rudolph himself. Bud got such a kick out of watching Misha. You can hear Bud in the background of this video saying, "This is going to be such a fun Christmas!"

Misha loved finding his old toys with new batteries put in them - the traditional "We wish you a merry Christmas"-singing chipmunk, though still not in Josh's good graces, was a huge hit with Misha, who started singing and dancing like the chipmunk. We also surprised him with batteries in his robot from last year.

Return of the Robot.

Christmas morning with mom.

Opening the Legos ...

and building the Lego castle with Bud. Complete with drawbridge!

Brothers: Bud and Josh in front of the tree.

Misha was thrilled when he got the watch he had asked for from Santa. He put it on right away and kept asking about the time all day long. He told me later, "I think the special present Santa brought me was my watch."

Sebastian liked opening some of his presents too, although his favorite part was simply trying to eat as much wrapping paper as possible.

Bows are the best!

Bud, Josh, and Misha help Sebby open his present.

It's a mobile!

Group shot with Grandma Kate.

Grandma Kate with her sons and grandsons.

Grandma Kate with Misha and Seb.

We took a small pancake break, and soon after, Tanya and Aaron joined us for some Christmas fun. First, Aaron heroically shoveled his way into our lot!

The present-opening continued:

Josh and his annual wallet from his mom. :)

Tanya with her beautiful present.

Grandma Kate ready to open.

It's a photo!

Misha loved his little tiger from Great Grandma Mary.

Tanya models her new adult footie pjs from Josh and me!

Misha received several fuzzy posters, the largest of which was this rain forest scene. He had it all colored in two days.

Bud and his Cap'n Crunch.

Throughout Christmas Day, you may notice that Misha changes pajamas like a little Horse of a Different Color. He started in his green pjs, changed into his blue footie pjs when he opened them up, and later changed into his jungle pjs after opening them!

Sebby and Aunt Tanya.

Tanya and Misha enjoy their pjs together.

Misha with Aunt Tanya and Uncle Aaron.

Grandma Kate with the ornaments that Misha painted by himself.

Misha got a huge sleeping-bag stocking from Bud!

Later, the boys took another shovel break. Look at those hard workers: Aaron, Josh, Bud, Misha.

Misha can shovel for a full hour before he gets tired of it. It's one of his favorite things in winter.

Josh sifts through the drifts.

Snowdrifts decorate our front door.

My parents eventually made their way over as well. It was a big, cozy celebration.

Aaron, my dad, and my mom during the unwrapping festivities.

Sebby with Daddy.

Little Jungle Jammas opens another gift.

Here I am with my huge mystery present from Josh. :)

A new suitcase!

Misha shows Grandpa his pajamas.

Sebby plays with Tanya.

Grandpa helps Sebastian open a present.

Sebastian with Grandma.

Misha gives Grandpa a reindeer card he made.

Aaron and Bud revel in their peanut-butter-ball-making ability.

Don't Break the Ice!

Though our place is crowded, Aaron finds some room by his mother-in-law.

Misha cuddles in his new blanket from our friend Saule in Kyrgyzstan while showing Aaron his new watch.

Josh with the History Trek game I made him. It was fun enough to provide entertainment until 1 a.m. that night!

Sebastian eats Christmas dinner with Grandma Diane. Nice and messy! The rest of us enjoyed split pea soup prepared by Grandma Kate.

In the evening, Misha and Grandpa relaxed with a nice game of chess. Misha concentrates the whole time trying to learn how the pieces move.