Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stick to my glue, my darling

As Sebastian gets bigger, Misha includes him in more and more activities. Imagine what they'll do in a year!

Christmas is on its way, and Misha is so excited. Since he is starting to get a good grasp of days, weeks, and months, we made a tree-shaped Christmas countdown calendar this year for December with doors for every day from 1 to 24. He drew little pictures to put behind each door, and then we covered the tree with green paper and decorated it with all kinds of cut-out ornaments.

Now it's hanging on the closet door. He is so eager to open the little doors! Last week at bedtime when I was telling him what we were going to do the next day, like daycare, preschool, a nap, etc, he suddenly remembered, “And I can open door 3!” like that was going to be the most exciting thing of the whole day. Every morning, the first thing he does is open a door. Then he counts how many unopened days are left until Christmas. He can't wait for everyone to get here - Tanya, Aaron, Grandma Kate, Bud, and Ashley.

Adding to the Christmas-y feeling is the snow we've been getting!

Even though it was very cold yesterday, Misha and I spent some time outside shoveling and piling up as much snow as we could into a "mountain" for him. It has since snowed more, which probably means he will want to go out again ... Brrr!

Kid Talk

Misha has come up with several cute mondegreens that I thought you'd find amusing. The word "mondegreen," added to Merriam-Webster in 2008, refers to misheard lyrics or phrases, such as the famous "The girl with colitis goes by" for the actual Beatles' lyrics, "The girl with kaleidoscope eyes."

Misha has been singing "Skip to my Lou" in school, so he likes it when I play it on the guitar at home so he can sing and dance to it. Only, he insists that you're supposed to say, "Stick to my glue, my darling." I told him I was pretty sure it was just "Skip to my Lou," but he said no, because you are supposed to hold hands while you sing and pretend they are stuck together with glue! Perhaps they do sing a version like that at school - who knows?

He also explained why the porcupine is so named: "Pokey-pines have pokes. They need their pokes to protect theirselves from animals."

A few days ago, I offered to make him grilled cheese. "Yay! I love grilled cheese and tornado soup!" Then he paused as if he knew that wasn't quite the word he meant.

He has a toy case that he calls a suitcase - actually, he called it a soup-case, but I didn't realize that was what he had been calling it until one day he said, "It's a soup-case, but it doesn't carry soup! That's funny."

A few other cute things:

Yesterday he said, "Today is a lucky day because I got to go to the dentist!" He actually likes the dentist because they always compliment him on how well he opens his mouth. Plus, he has hasn't had a cavity yet and he always gets prizes - this time he got a Sponge Bob toothbrush and toothpaste plus a pack of gum. He adores gum, but I hardly ever give it to him. So when he could choose a toy or a pack of gum, gum it was!

When Sebastian tries to suck on Misha, Misha says, “He thinks we're going to have a drool fight. Do you know what a drool fight is? It's when you drool on somebody.”

Misha likes knock-knock jokes. I think he learned about them at school. But this is his idea of a knock-knock joke:

Knock knock.

Who's there?


January who?

January Pants!

Then he laughs like it's truly the funniest thing. He'll go on and on and get such a kick out of his own word combos.

Josh tried to tell him a few “real” ones, like:

Knock knock.

Who's there?


Butter who?

I'd butter not tell you!

Misha laughed and laughed. Then he made his own version:

Knock knock.

Who's there?


Pizza who?

I better not tell you!

He laughed just as hard at his own version. ;)

Sebastian is getting so close to crawling!

Both boys playing happily with Legos.

He looks so proud of himself!

Checking out a book.

Hm, which toy to play with first?

Here's a video of Misha giving Sebastian a ride after rigging the Lego box to his Pooh car. :)

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