Sunday, December 20, 2009

Graduation Celebration

Josh is now graduated from SDSU! He has a Liberal Studies major with minors in philosophy, religion, and history. With how busy life has been, he decided not to attend the ceremony, but having a father-in-law in the university bookstore does have its perks. At the evening celebratory steak dinner at my parents' house, Josh received his own cap to wear, mostly for Misha's sake. He's been waiting for Daddy to wear that momentous cap and tassel! With my sister's old gown, Josh looked just like he went through the ceremony.

Misha had to check out those tassels.

Yay, Dad!

The Graduate. The next morning, Misha came into our room and asked, "Mommy, when are you going to graduate?" So I had to dig out an old picture of me in my lovely cap and gown.

Meanwhile, the doors keep opening on the Christmas calendar and the number of closed ones gets smaller and smaller! I have really enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit. Josh and I have been staying up late decorating the tree and wrapping presents. We've been doing lots of fun art projects with Misha. And as we set up the tree earlier this month, Sebastian found his own bit of Christmas spirit:

Ah ha! Here's the good stuff!

Misha and I have been making lots of cute ornaments out of clay. :)

Daddy and Misha made this cute Santa Claus.

Misha has written several letters to Santa this year, and amazingly (or not so amazingly? Who am I to doubt?) he received a letter from "1 North Pole" in our mailbox. We've had to read it to him about five times. Then he jumps up and down and says, "Santa's been watching me and I've been good! And Rudolph is going to come to my house FIRST!"

Sebastian plays in front of our little tree.

Looking good in his new winter hat!

Misha performs magic tricks for Sebastian.

A big smile from Sebastian, sitting on our Kyrgyz tushuk!

Sebastian is already big enough to sit up in his high chair. He enjoys being close to everyone at the table.

The boys.

Bear Walk: Sebastian has developed strong leg muscles! He often goes up on his toes. He can go into a sitting position by himself from here.

Misha's last day of the gymnastics for this session was last week. Parents were invited to watch. He plans to start again in January. Here he is on the bars:

the floor:

and beam:

Sebastian loves the gymnastics too: the colors, the movement, the noise, and the little faces are so much fun to take in.


Bill said...

Congratulations to the graduate!!
-from Bill and Diane

Tanya and Aaron said...

Congrats, Josh! And the boys are as darling as ever. I can't wait to see them. I think we will be coming to town Wed. night with Amelia.

kate said...

Congratulations Josh. I love my grandbabies they are so adorable.

kate said...

I am so happy for you Josh. Congratulations you have worked so hard. Misha and Seb look so happy. I love you all so much.