Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Talking, writing, drawing, baking, playing, dancing

When Sebastian wakes up in the morning, he usually starts making joyful gurgly sounds to greet the day. Misha likes to climb into the crib to play with him. Recently, Sebastian has started to say "da da da" - something that Misha is very excited about!

Sebastian, our little elf.

Lately, Misha has gotten very into writing. Since starting his preschool, he writes his name on EVERYTHING. Walking around the house, I will find his name written on the top of my checkbook, on several consecutive pages of my notebook, on a syllabus for class, on the back of his plastic chair, on a flowerpot, and on a cake-mix box.

The house is also filled with sticky-note-name-tags that have fallen off their wearers. I see one for “MOM” on the floor, while the one proclaiming “ELFETE” is still stuck to Elephantie the Beanie Baby. There are several more in his room belonging to his other toys, not to mention tags for “DaD” and “SuB” floating around.

Dad and Sebastian, after receiving their name tags.

Misha also loves to make lists. Sometimes he asks me to help him write them, and sometimes he writes them himself. We have a very full piece of scrap paper taped to the door now with 101 things to do when Uncle Bud gets here.

He has a very special notebook. I think this notebook obsession is a result of reading the Magic Tree House books, in which Jack diligently writes down “important information” in his notebook. (However, I myself have filled hundreds of little notebooks in my time.) A few days ago, Misha was asking me what important things he should write in his notebook. My various suggestions of things to do or words to practice were rejected - “Mom, I need IMPORTANT things!” “Oh, OK,” I said, trying again. “How about … elephants?” This was met with a “Yes yes! Elephants! That's important!” He scrambled off to write it down on one of his precious pages. He quickly came back looking for more ideas. All of my animal ideas met with great success. :)

He also draws pictures in his notebook, plays tic tac toe with Grandma, and fills it up with all kinds of other things. When he misplaces it, he is distraught. “What am I going to do without my notebook?” he wails dramatically. If he forgets it at home on a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's, he is equally crushed. It is starting to get quite full, so soon he will probably need another one!

This is his cool artwork that he made at school. Baby Brother is the tiny one on the right, next to Misha. Josh and I are on the left. You can see our big red house with the door. At the top, he has written the names of everyone who is coming for Christmas: Bud, Dad, Baby, Misha, Tanya, Mom, Ashley, Grandma Kate.

It is getting cold fast, but we try to make use of somewhat sunny days to go to the park!

Lego castle!

Misha really enjoys gymnastics. Here he is warming up before the session starts.

Yesterday he helped me make banana muffins. He got to be the banana musher. He also likes to (cringe) crack the eggs and measure the sugar and flour. Even though his help results in a messy kitchen, we have a lot of fun.

I made grilled cheese for Misha a few days ago and it turned out a little dark. He still liked it, but he said: “Grandma Diane makes it a little different.” “What does she do?” I asked. “She makes it … not burnt.”

There are so many great things to suck on! Fingers are just the beginning!

And, yes, you guessed it - this is Misha making that same discovery long ago.

Video Fun:

First, we have a clip of Sebastian experimenting with syllables:

And now, Misha dancing up a storm! His favorite song to dance to at the moment is an upbeat Russian one called "Kak ana dvigit soboi" - "How she moves."

Misha has learned how to jump out of a swing! He is quite proud of this feat. Take a peek:


Melanie said...

Have I mentioned before how much I enjoy reading your blog? I love how much attention you pay to (and then proceed to write down - that's what I'm horrible about!) the stages that your boys are in. Misha and his writing/labeling things is so cute! And I'm amazed at how much Sebastian changes from post to post!

Bill said...

Misha's really got that figured out-- on jumping out of the swing! Nice!
Cute video of Sebastian learning to make sounds, saying da-da. -Diane

Deanna said...

I, too, marvel at the detail you include. I love it! I wish I'd been half as diligent when Jacob was little. You blink and they're suddenly 15.