Sunday, May 24, 2009

Inside and Outside

Now that the weather is so beautiful, on every weekend day we wake up to Misha standing at the door fully dressed with his shoes on begging us to go outside and dig with him, or go to grandma and grandpa's, or ride his bike. We groggily climb out of bed in our pj's and try to stall him as long as we can.

Earlier this month, we took Misha to the Kite Day festival in Brookings. There were lots of fun kites to see, and we tried flying our own for awhile before the wind petered out.

Misha with my old Pound Purry. He knows he can't have a real pet because we live in an apartment, but he tells me sometimes, "I want a house so we can have a cat and a dog!"

However, we did set up our 20-gallon fish tank for him. So far it only has a few tiger barbs, an otoclinus catfish, a garami, and an algae eater, but we'll add a few more as it gets established. (The tigers attacked all our neon tetras.) The tank looks very pretty and we like the sound of running water.

In the front row apartments where we live, there are four kids ages 2-4 plus one sweet old man who treats them all like grandkids (giving them candy and such!). So when one family sets out a swimming pool, all the kids go play in it. It's really nice. Here is Misha playing with Kayden, Kelsi, and Bella...

Boys vs. Girls: Kayden and Misha with their cups of water ready to chase the little girls down the sidewalk.

Soaked through and through! I told him he should have put on his swim suit!

We've also been playing some soccer. Here he is at Lyons Park, with the beautiful crab apple blossoming in the background. Brookings looks gorgeous right now, like a Dr. Seuss world full of pink and white cotton candy trees!

Misha was really excited about Grandpa's push mower - he's even strong enough to push it!

Misha finished the last gymnastics class of the session this week! At the end, all the kids were presented with medals. You should have seen them! Misha was especially proud - he came running over to us afterward saying "Look at what I got!! Why did I got this?" He even took it to day care the next day.

The medal ceremony.

Misha and his medal. We decided to take the summer session of gymnastics off, and start again in the fall if Misha wants to.

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