Sunday, May 10, 2009

Freckle Juice

The sun really brings out Misha's freckles, and this summer he seems to have more than ever! Every day I think, "Did you have that many freckles yesterday?" :)

He loves riding his bike now that it's nice ...

Our neighbors bought a little fuzzy black duckling to take out to their grandparents' farm - but before it left, the kids got to play with it. Kids and a duckling make great photos! Misha loved it - loved holding it, following it, feeding it Cheerios, and imitating its peeping sounds. He said, "When he's little, he says 'peep peep!' but when he gets big he'll say 'quack quack!'"

Daddy and Misha and the little duckling.

Kayden, our neighbor, and Misha smiling.

Ah, this would have been the greatest photo except for the stupid camera strap! Photoshop, anyone?

Daddy and Misha again. Below, a video of the kids with the duck. :)

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