Saturday, May 20, 2017

Strings, parks and drones: Tanya's February Visit

Just like last year, Tanya gave me a wonderful birthday present by bringing herself - plus Nara, Harry, and Otto - down to visit us. I think our trip can be divided into about four themes:

1. Food

Mmm... best breadsticks ever! Thank you, Tanya!

Green beans, mashed potatoes, and farmer's market chicken.

2. Squeaking on stringed instruments in pajamas

This is the one group shot of the kids that we managed. Harry was playing hard to get. ;)

Harry, though he had previously been asking for a violin, fell completely in love with the massive cello we've been renting and had to play it just about every time he entered the living room. He loved to tell us his great discovery that "I'm really good at cello!" It was adorable.

Misha showing Harry the violin.

The bed-headed blonds.

So elegant!

3. Parks

Misha is now such a pro at the ripboard that he can even carry Harry.

Everyone on boards!

We often combined themes 2 and 3 by taking a mandolin or uke to the park - and sometimes, at Nara's pleading, a small violin as well.

Look at that grin.

Look at that concentration!

My tree-climber.

4. Drones

Though Josh had ordered his two mini drones without the intent of sharing with any children, he ended up generously allowing everyone to attempt to fly them. They're crazy little things that are far too easy to send crashing against the ceiling before bashing to the floor. Fun though!

Harry was screeching in absolute delight. Before this point, he hadn't mentioned ever returning to visit us. But once the drones were out, he was babbling away: "Maybe if we come back to Texas to visit, we can fly the drones again!"

Getting the tiny propellers stuck in hair is a hazard to watch out for ... For some reason, the little drones loved to crash into Nara and tangle up her poor whisps.

Otto, the cutie crawler.

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