Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight

Christmas Eve...
With Sebby's Grinch overlooking our ornamented homemade card-stock-paper tree, lights twinkling above, and the elaborate famous-people-in-history themed Risk board (made by Josh and me) perching on the couch, our living room looked just right for the next morning. I love these quiet Christmas Eve shots just brimming with anticipation.

My favorite part of Christmas morning was when the kids dumped out their stockings and Sebby immediately asked, "Can I eat this now?" I thought he was referring to the Reeses Pieces, but in fact he meant the kipper snacks! That's how Misha and Sebby came to be eating oysters and kippers at 7:30 a.m. Christmas morning.

Mmm, there's nothing like canned seafood for breakfast.

Our Risk board was intended to feed Sebby's appetite to play a game that the rest of us have grown weary of. Josh and I made each island a different theme - such as Soviet leaders, human rights activists, composers, Supreme Court justices, or world dictators.

Misha's present to Sebby - a marble path toy. Sebby is obsessed with marble runs.

A gorgeous cutting board from Grandma Kate.

The rest of the Tarzan series from Grandpa!

Sebby loved this animal sticker book, which he read to us for three days straight. He'd follow us around the house and say, "Did you know that whales' songs can last 20 minutes?"

Sebby and I created this parakeet for Misha. Sebby had the vision; I had the needle and thread.

Puzzles from Grandma and Grandpa!

Out rustling up some treasure with the metal detector from Grandpa!

More Christmas

In January, we had another Christmas celebration when Grandma Kate visited Texas and we got to meet her new husband, Dan. We spent a few evenings opening gifts, playing games, and spent a day at the Houston Zoo with them and Bud, Ashley, Penny, and Theo.

Dan and Kate gave the boys a beautiful little mandolin, which we all adore. The great thing about the mandolin is that it is strung exactly like a violin, so any songs that we know on violin, we are able to pluck on the mandolin. Chords are also possible, but of course they're different than guitar or ukulele chords. Such fun! And such a pretty little instrument! 

Misha taught Grandma Kate how to get started on violin.

The Zoo!

Seb and Penny fast asleep in the car.

Merry Christmas!

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