Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's a Zoo Here

Early in February, I took the kids to the zoo by myself. It was an adventure -- Like Salam Park, the zoo is always packed on the weekends.

Sebby was far more content to wander around than to sit in his stroller. He kept getting lost in a sea of abayas, but luckily, the Arab women are so attentive to children that one woman or another kept bringing him back to me. Misha was a big help to me, too.

Tiny Sebby fearlessly sets off to explore.

A day at the zoo: everyone had the same idea. Just stay away from the food court!

An impressive lion. I love my 14-times zoom!

Misha loves the monkeys the best!

The monkeys are so used to being fed that they scorned our Cheerios and preferred popcorn.

A hippo.

I watched a woman toss an entire package's worth of flatbread to this group of emus.

And this elephant was positively showered with hot dog buns and lettuce leaves.

The elephant was a hit with my kids as well as everyone else's kids. I heard lots of shouts of "Shuf! Al fil! Al fil!" ("Look - the elephant! The elephant!") Last time we came, the elephant was indoors, so we were happy to see him this time.

A white tiger.

Sebby posing charmingly by a tree.

Misha climbs atop a rock.

The boys play by the stream while families picnic in the grass.

More picnickers.

Smiling on the bridge.

Sebby was very popular at the zoo. This family adopted him temporarily!


Bill said...

Cute pics of the kids on the bridge, and Misha feeding the monkeys! looks like a nice day and a fun outing! -mom

kate said...

I love the picture of sebby smiling on the bridge. So cute....and with Misha feeding the monkeys. I am glad sebby was able to get out and see animals.