Monday, December 13, 2010

What else we did during Eid

To summarize what else we did with our November break for Eid al-Adha, I now present a scroll-show. That's right, just scroll and view.

Ice skating! We knew that there was a rink somewhere in this city since before we even left the States, but we didn't find it until recently. This one is in Panorama Mall in the kids' amusement park section. Sadly, it's for men and children only. However, there is supposedly another rink that is for women and kids only. Misha loved getting back on the ice - although he missed having mittens!

Only a culture with no thought whatsoever given to expense would build an ice rink lit by natural light flooding in from floor-to-ceiling windows.

Back on skates!

The famous Faisalia Tower in the background.

On the outside looking in. Sebby and I could only watch.

Well, Sebby was small enough that Josh picked him up and gave him a spin around the rink. (He loved that.) But I doubt Josh could do that with me without drawing a lot of attention!

We had a small Thanksgiving party with pumpkin pie that I made for the occasion.

We also babysat our neighbors' small tortoises.

Sebby is ready for a walk!

Hanging out on the box of milks.

Mastering the Fork.

Sebby is also fond of climbing into the bidet. He settles in and gets comfy!

Creating projects out of boxes.

Misha ready for school.

French Toast in the morning! Sebby likes to feed his family members.

For the actual Eid day, we had a grill-out with friends. We love grilling on our balcony!

Then we could glance out our balcony and see how the Middle East celebrates Eid al-Adha - by sacrificing a sheep and celebrating together. We got to be part of a celebration like this when we were in Kyrgyzstan.

Shopping for toys, naturally. New building toys are always a hit!

This little tent was a good find also.

Sometimes Misha sleeps in it! It's his little "bedroom."

We finally had time to get the kids presentable - by getting them hair cuts and clothes that don't have holes in the knees. The kids hair-cut station at the mall is a well-oiled machine. It's flooded with young children, tugging on their nannies, waiting to be shuffled through the process. Ten kids get their hair snipped at a time, all while watching individual mini screens showing Tom and Jerry. To get in line, you take a number - just don't be surprised if your number is 50 away from their current customer! Misha and Sebby's exuberant stylist loved Sebby so much that before we knew what was happening, he had given him this green Mohawk. Then he wanted to be photographed with both kids. Ha ha!

Warm-weather shopping. Though the fur-lined hoods and snow pants in store windows make us chuckle, we were in definite need of some long-sleeved shirts. This little hoodie is great for Sebby.

A hooded top for Misha too.

Look, it almost fits Sebby!

Mall entertainment for Sebby is easy - he loves to sit and play in NON-moving rides. Very cheap!

Misha got to play tug-of-war at a birthday party on the compound.

We took the kids outside within the compound in the mornings, when the weather is perfect.


The kids strolling around.

Josh on a beautiful morning.


Bill said...

Looks like Josh and Misha are having a great time on the ice! Too bad you and Seb couldn't join them. Nice you've found a nice park to go to. Great pictures--Misha and Seb look so happy! -mom

Tanya said...

Great photos! Nice to see more of the compound. And are those tortoises for real?? So cute.

kate said...

Is a bidet a sink? Misha looks so happy ice skating again. You must feel left out of all the fun sometimes. I love all the pictures of the boys. Is the tent as nice as the one I gave Misha? Love the tortoise. Sebby is growing up so fast.