Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunset at Red Sands

Though the title of this post may sound like some kind of romance novel, it actually refers to the second desert trek we've made. The week before Christmas, we drove out of the city about an hour and a half to a place called Red Sands. It was amazing to watch the desert turn from its usual beige to a very distinct, rich red color, which only intensified as the sun sank lower. We parked our car near the others and started off on a little hike to explore the surroundings. The views were gorgeous - huge, red dunes rising from a landscape of grey dotted with hardy shrubs.

The sand was the kind of sand you would imagine finding on the perfect beach - incredibly soft, clean, super-fine, and a beautiful auburn color. We all had fun climbing the dunes and giving our legs a work-out. It's not unlike climbing a snow pile - especially how your feet sink in deep and the sand pours into your shoes. Misha, though tired at first, perked up when he saw us trudging up the red mountain of sand, and he came dashing up after us. Once at the top, he started to slide down on his stomach, until his parents suggested he not! (It was quite steep.) Sebastian also fell in love with the sand, so much so that he laid down on his stomach and went "swimming"!

Josh climbs the dune.

Hello from the top!

Sebastian, happy as a clam.

At the top of the dune, we admired the view of the whitish, flat desert on one side and the endless, billowing red waves on the other. We could even see the tiny "wave lines" in the sand made by the wind. Just like in a movie!

After our gallivanting up and down the dunes (and envying some of the others who were rolling over the sands in their ATVs), we circled back to our meeting place by the cars and had a small picnic before packing up and heading back. This time, we thought it best to leave before it was completely dark (like last time!) and it was a huge help in navigating our way back to the world of pavement.

Picnic time for the brothers.

For your viewing pleasure, I have included all my favorite photos:

Our family with our Canadian friend, Georgina. The white bars behind us keep cars out but allow camels to pass through.

Sebastian explores desert plant life.

Daddy and Sebby

Little boy in a big desert

The world is a big place ... better get started!

The backbone of the desert.

Misha climbed up this rocky cliff, which offers a great view of the Red Sands.

The kids on a walk

Josh and I back at the camp.

The sun starts to set. The tiny figures at the bottom are Sebby and me.

The rich red stands out against the blue, blue sky.

Camel tracks.

As we drove back toward the road, we passed several camels who were wandering back to their farm for the evening. They walked right in front of the car!


Bill said...

Hi, Misha! you and Sebby look so little in the big desert! Maybe talk to you on Friday, New Year's Eve --during the daytime. :) gramma

kate said...

I love the last picture of the camel. Awesome. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the grandbabies. The look so small in such a grandiose desert. I also loved the photo of you and Josh. Very sweet. Oh I also loved the photo of sebby riding on top of Josh. Thanks for all the awesome pics and stories.
Grandma Kate