Monday, June 15, 2009

Warm Weekend Weather

After lots of cloudy, rainy days, Saturday was warm and sunny! Misha helped Daddy wash the car and we set up the kiddie pool. Later, we got together with Misha's friends from gymnastics for some splashing in the pool and a picnic grill-out at Pioneer Park, complete with s'mores. It was a great Saturday!

And on Sunday, Misha and I drove to Sioux Falls to meet Tanya and her friend Lynn at the zoo - and to bring Tanya back to Brookings. :)

We treated Misha to a camel ride, and he also got a kick out of petting the baby camel. So cute! And, as always, his attention span for feeding the goats outlasted that of all of the adults in the group. :) My personal favorite was the Giant Anteater.

Now you can enjoy the "Why do monkeys stink?" video:

This is Misha sporting his new shirt which Tanya made for him using the Penguin Books logo! It's adorable.

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May May said...

Love the little goats! It's so adorable!