Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun with Auntie

Look who's here visiting! Misha is delighted to have my sister Tanya in town. She left to go visiting this evening, and already Misha is moping around saying, "It's funner when Tanya's here." He's been going to the park...

eating ice cream...

and more ice cream ... not to mention racing her around the block, playing dinosaurs, and playing Memory.

My due date is about 9 days away, so we're ready to welcome the little brother whenever he wants to get here. Misha was late, however, so we'll see if this one follows suit.

Meanwhile, my mom got us this adorable Whinnie the Pooh carseat that pops out to become a carrier. Misha approves.

The parents.

Mailing Misha to Grandma Kate.

Misha attempting to use a lasso. He really, really wanted me to make the rope into Diego's lasso, so I did the best I could.

Playing baseball outside with the neighbors. This was his first time trying baseball, and it captured his full attention!

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