Friday, March 27, 2009

Photo Fun

Misha's new trick!

Misha is still really enjoying gymnastics. Here you can see him swinging on the bars with a bean bag between his knees. In the second picture the kids all line up like little ducklings to listen to the obstacle course directions.

He practices handstands on the couch!

More block creations ... He figured out how to make a pyramid all by himself.

We dug Mousetrap out of my parents' basement! Perfect. After building the trap and watching it sometimes work and sometimes fail, Misha decided to put the pieces together his own way.

My handsome hubby.

Misha and Mommy and baby-to-be.

Get to work!

Misha can actually take some pretty good pictures. :)

Voila some of Misha's chalk writing. He's quite good at his name, and he can write other things if I spell them for him.

His new favorite game.

The shirt reads, "My grandparents don't spoil me; they're just very accommodating."

I brought home a tub of little counting bears and when we walked into the living room, we saw Misha's cool design on the floor.

It's starting to warm up now. Once in awhile it's warm enough to be barefoot! Of course, yesterday there were snowflakes in the air again ...

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