Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bowling Night

Since Misha had only been bowling once in his life, we decided to take him Friday night. He loves it. He waits impatiently for the ball to pop out of the tunnel, then lugs it over to the kid-friendly bowling-ball ramp, pushes it down, and watches with anxious anticipation until it crashes into the pins at the end. Since he had the bumpers up on the side, he usually got some pins. ;) Josh and I decided to play a non-bumper game on the neighboring lane, which meant Misha was free to bowl and bowl and bowl - we soon became alarmed at the rate he was eating up frames and had to go home before he made us go broke! He had a good time though. Here's a little slideshow of Misha enjoying himself.


Tanya and Aaron said...

That's great! I like the slide show.

kdcantu said...

Wow you can see how intently he is concentrating and how much fun he is having. Your slide show is awesome. ;o)