Monday, May 10, 2010

Architecture: Modern and Creative

Riyadh is full of daringly modern and creative buildings. There is, of course, the Kingdom Tower (or Burja Mamlaka in Arabic). I took this picture while walking around one evening in the area right outside our compound.

Other buildings in the immediate vicinity:

Just down the street is this construction reminiscent of a boat:

Other nearby buildings:

We found a cute little park just one block from us. Families often picnic here in the evenings.

Misha on the slide, with picnickers in the background.

Meanwhile, we have gotten a little scooter for Misha to ride around the compound. It's great - small, light weight, and easy to ride. The compound is the perfect place to ride it. As soon as we leave the compound, though, the traffic and occasional lack of sidewalks make for less-than-ideal scooter riding, so we have to leave it at home.

His other new toy is this great remote-control car with light-up wheels and flip-over abilities. It's amazing how cool and cheap these toys have gotten. It is so much fun that Josh couldn't resist buying a second car so that he and Misha could cruise around together!

Misha came home from preschool one day with his face painted. :)

Misha by a line of taxis outside the compound.

Mmm, hummus!

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Bill said...

Nice pics of the buildings--so modern looking!
Misha--did you like the hummus?