Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kids at the Museum

We took advantage of the First Friday Free day in Sioux Falls to go the kids museum there. Both boys had a blast! Here they are composing a tune.

Misha races Daddy in a type of wheel-chair race.

Misha concentrates on spinning his wheels.

Dad, Misha, and Seb watch the smoke form itself into a tornado.

Misha the T-Rex!

... and Misha the paleontologist.

Some photos from home:

Together time at the table.

Misha the superhero!

Good morning, Sebby!

Good morning, Misha!

Ready for a competitive game of Uno.

Misha's gymnastics class experiments with tossing and catching scarves.

Misha practices walking on the beam.


May May said...

You should teach Misha to JUGGLE those scarves at gymnastics!

Tammy and Josh said...

Good idea! At gymnastics, they haven't advanced past throwing your scarf, clapping, and catching it. :)

kate said...

I love the picture of sebby and Misha. So cute!!
Sebastian is getting so adorable.
I see that Misha is such a big guy now. remember when he was very young and he would cry every time we would move onto the next cool thing to do?

Will they have a gymnastics class in Saudi do you think?

Little Sebby told me he wanted his grandma Kate to come and hold him and play.