Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Leaps and Bounds

The boys are learning new things every day. It's scary how fast they grow! Sebastian is standing, reaching, and walking. Misha is learning to read and loving every second of it, becoming a master at Skip-Bo, and getting to be a fast ice-skater. Last weekend, we went skating with Grandpa, quite a treat for Misha!

One of Misha's favorite games on skates is freeze tag.

A little chat on the ice.

Zooming around.

Grandpa's frozen!

Chasing Daddy.

Speed skate!


Here's a clip of Misha and Grandpa playing freeze tag:

Sebastian missed out on the rink fun, but he got to stay with Grandma, which is always a good time.

Yesterday, we took Misha to a mini-golf night set up at SDSU. Misha loved the windmill:

He also loved the station where he got to climb up the steps and send the ball rolling down the slope:

Watch out for the water trap!

Playing at home ...
Pretending to be zebras.

Crawling on the big brother.

Ready to do anything!

Tent time.

Sebastian in Misha's jeans! I don't mean that these used to be Misha's jeans; these are actually Misha's jeans, as in, he still wears them.

Monkey in the middle.

A visit from my cousin Misti - and Bones, of course. :)

Misha the Penguin checks out our second lily bloom in the tank.

We made a "going fishing" reading game that Misha enjoyed.

Time for some hot cocoa and marshmallows after a stint in the snow! (And for Tanya's interest, notice his penguin shirt!)

Ready for take-off: Here is Sebastian showing off his walking skills. At 7 1/2 months, he's walking a full three months earlier than Misha did. Crazy! He barely crawls anymore. All he wants to do is stand up and move forward on two legs.

Rock and read: Misha is quite proud of himself for being able to read the Foot Book. A short demonstration:


Tanya and Aaron said...

Wow, look at that walking! Most impressive.

Bill said...

Cute ice skating pics! -mom