Monday, September 7, 2009

Fall is coming ...

I have a feeling it won't take very long for Sebastian to weigh as much as Misha!! Look at that head! Those legs!

The change of seasons makes it suddenly crystal clear how much Misha has grown since a year ago. I remember the things we did last fall, the things he noticed, how we watched the pumpkins grow and went out to the pumpkin patch to pick some out, and how he asked question after question about why the leaves fall off the trees. Now that he is the wise old age of four, he talks about the leaves like a pro. But of course, he still asks lots of questions.

"Mommy, what's inside of the grass?" he asked.
"Inside are like little veins that suck up the water," I said.
"But what's inside of the veins?"
"Oh. What's inside the water?"
"Well, molecules."
"What's inside of the molecules?"
"Atoms. Atoms are tiny little things that are inside of everything."
"But what's inside of atoms?"
"Inside atoms? Very tiny protons, neutrons, and electrons."
At this he looked perplexed and said, " 'Lectrons? There's a lot of stuff to learn!"

We love how Misha loves to learn - a great quality that will stick with him his whole life. He doesn't see it as work, but as an adventure.

A little picnic in the park with Sebastian too! Josh started his new job as an elementary school teacher's aid this week (like the job I did for the past three years), and Misha will start preschool next week - so this was a good week for long walks and park play with the kids.

At 37 inches, Misha is JUST barely tall enough to touch his tip toes to the hamster wheel!

Misha's favorite game at the park is tag. Josh and I take turns playing it with him, because Misha never runs out of energy. His parents don't have the same endless supply, though!

Classic smiley Sebastian.


Sporting one of his cute pj's from Grandma Kate.

More cute pj's from his Texan grandmother. Look at our little monkey!

I never get over what cool creations Misha can make with Legos. This one looks like a Roman aqueduct.

Eyes of intensity!

A relaxing bath, some clean pajamas, and a musical friend is a good recipe for a nap.

Misha likes to draw next to Sebastian. Sebastian is going to learn so much from his brother. Misha likes to include the baby in everything - yesterday, he made a fort of pillows and blankets around themselves on the bed.

To eat our home-made stir fry in style, we bought some chopsticks. Misha did incredibly well!

To listen to a conversation between Misha and Sebastian (in Seb's mother tongue), click here:

Here, Misha describes his planetary picture he drew. He has been very interested in space lately, and he knows all the planets and then some.

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