Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Outside Adventures

We squeezed in lots of outdoor activities before Grandma Kate had to leave early Tuesday morning. Misha especially was sad to see her go. "Why do you have to go?" he would ask, and Grandma Kate would explain that she had to go back to Grandpa Vic. Misha said, "But why doesn't Grandpa Vic let you out?" ;) As for Sebastian, no doubt he will miss the baths. (Not that I don't bathe him - I do! But I'm not sure anyone can beat the long, luxurious baths that Grandma Kate gives.)

On Monday, Misha, Grandma Kate, and I went raspberry picking at Sanderson's Gardens. Misha was a good helper.

Our fearless leader, a regular raspberry-picking-machine.

Don't forget to stop and smell the raspberry blossoms.

Misha disappeared into the nearby cornfield for a bit. ("Is this heaven? No, this is South Dakota.")

We collected a good seven pounds of berries - meaning I had to make a raspberry crumble when we got home. :)

On Sunday, all of us (including Josh dosed up on allergy meds and Sebastian his stroller) walked through beautiful McCrory Gardens.

And last Friday, we enjoyed Falls Park in Sioux Falls. Daddy and Misha traipsed all over the rocks, while Grandma Kate, Sebastian, and I basked under a shady tree.

Before heading home, we stopped at Chili's for supper.

Other pictures of relaxing at home:


A cute smile for Daddy. Sebastian is just now starting to really smile a lot!

Buddies and brothers.

A happy little boy!

Resting together.

A grin from Misha after his Vacation Bible School concert. "Concert" is a rather generous word, but he was nonetheless cute in the jumble of preschoolers who knew neither the words nor the hand motions. Bible School last week was a great experience to help him get ready for preschool in September!

Here is a photo of our natural aquarium. Every plant is live and planted into the soil beneath the gravel. In the next several weeks, we are hoping it will become even greener as the plants take off. We will slowly be adding more fish as well.


May May said...

Is Mr. Misha doing yoga from the Wii Fit at the falls? Too cute.

Tanya and Aaron said...

Lovely, as usual. Hilarious writing about the "concert"!!

Nice fish tank but ... where is my bubble eye? You better not have killed him. ;)

Bill said...

Oops--someone noticed a fish is missing. You are in trouble now.