Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Strawberries and Baby Pics

Sebastian is over two weeks old now and getting chunky! I feel like I can see his cheeks and arms getting fatter every day. Gotta love the breast milk! I had an unfortunate bout of mastitis over the weekend (some 4th of July), but I'm on antibiotics and feeling much better now. Because of the injection I received, Sebastian had to drink formula for a day (while I pumped and discarded the milk), but he handled everything beautifully. He drank willingly from the bottle and went right back to nursing when 24 hours was up. I'm much happier to be nursing rather than pumping - a baby is a far more efficient means of getting the milk out, at least in my experience.

There were four in the bed and the little one said, "Roll over, roll over!" So they all rolled over and Mommy fell out.

This is a photo from today - sleeping peacefully after our strawberry-picking outing. Josh, Tanya, Misha, and I were the pickers, while Sebastian hung out in the pouch worn by Daddy.

Misha eventually got into the rhythm of picking the bright red ones. ;) He was a little worried about picking the dirty ones, but we assured him we could wash them at home!

Tanya and Misha proudly display their full buckets - we got 13 pounds!

Misha has a pet bubble-eye goldfish named Blackie, a present from Tanya. Misha loves watching him and telling him where to swim - "Go up, Blackie! Up!"

Hanging out with auntie!

He has amazing burps for such a little person.

I love this Baby Bjorn carrier pouch - it's so comfy and Sebastian seems to feel very secure while inside.

Asleep with Tiger.

He had his first play-date already with my friend's daughter Hope, who is only 12 days older than him.

Getting some quality advice from Daddy.

Cute profiles!

Snuggle time with Big Brother.

It's amazing how much fun Misha has playing with Sebastian on the floor. They played in the blankets and entertained themselves for longer than I imagined possible!

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Alison said...

Tammy, Josh, and the boys - I just love reading your blog. Keep posting and having fun with each other! Alison K.